Mitsubishi based marine propulsion

Rīgas Dīzelis DG OEM make (made in LATVIA)
Base engine: Mitsubishi (Japan)

RIGAS DIZELIS DG offers marine propulsion units of a worldwide known Japanese brand MITSUBISHI with rated power 221 – 1885 kW.

Marine Diesel Propulsion units of” PM” series are designed to drive the main propulsion system as well as auxiliary thrusters of all types of vessels. The propulsion units are equally applicable on the sea as well as river-based vessels. The production of the RD units implies usage of up-to-date gearboxes of worldwide known brands, such as TWIN DISC, ZF and others, as well as application of such couplings as VULKAN, CENTA and STROMAG. The propulsion units are equipped with monitoring and management systems, developed in-house by the technical department of RIGAS DIZELIS plant, in accordance with target customer needs and requirements of the classification societies.

MITSUBISHI engines are compact in design which leads to easy installation and maintenance. MITSUBISHI marine engine’s cylinder heads are individually divided by cylinder. Its original Mitsubishi fuel injection pump and turbocharger bring superb combustion matching, and a hydraulic or electronic governor is available to provide optimum control of the engine in your application.

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