Scania based marine gensets

Rīgas Dīzelis DG OEM make
Base engine: Scania (Sweden)

Gensets of RIGAS DIZELIS DG make, based on SCANIA marine engines are dependable, reliable and powerful. These gensets are compact with a favorable power-to-weight ratio, that ensures easy installation and maintenance.

This genset line covers 136 kW – 495 kW power range 50Hz (1500 RPM) for auxiliary application and 136 kW – 460 kW power range 50Hz (1500 RPM) for emergency application. 60 Hz (1800 RPM) versions available for all models as well.

Scania’s marine engines for auxiliary and power generation have been designed and developed to operate in diverse sea conditions. The key advantages are easy access to service points, robust engineering and electronics that monitor and regulate the system for maximum performance.

Certification by all major classification authorities is available.

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