Mitsubishi engine based standby and prime gensets

Rīgas Dīzelis DG OEM make
Base engine: Mitsubishi (Japan)

Gensets of RIGAS DIZELIS DG make, based on MITSUBISHI diesel engines are compact in design which leads to easy installation and maintenance. MITSUBISHI engine’s cylinder heads are individually divided by cylinder. Its original Mitsubishi fuel injection pump and turbocharger bring superb combustion matching, and a hydraulic or electronic governor is available to provide optimum control of the engine.

This genset line covers 380 kVA – 2290 kVA PRIME POWER range 50Hz (1500 RPM) for auxiliary application and 418 kVA – 2519 kVA STANDBY POWER range 50Hz (1500 RPM). 60 Hz (1800 RPM) versions available for all models as well.

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