OXE outboards

RIGAS DIZELIS DG is an exclusive official product distributor and service partner of a worldwide known marine outboard brand OXE Marine AB offering the best-in-class marine diesel engine based outboards with rated power 125 – 300 HPTerritory covered by RIGAS DIZELIS DG: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus. 

In case you wish to become our partner in one of these regions please contact us: info@rigasdizelis.com  

For additional information please contact: sales@rigasdizelis.lv 

All products developed by OXE Marine AB are built on the core value Endurance by Engineering. The OXE Diesel engine series is no exception. Utilizing modern diesel power heads from the automotive industry, heavy duty designed gearboxes and patented belt transmission systems provides for robust outboards with inboard features.

OXE Diesel is the world's first high performance diesel outboard, setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine.

Use of a marinized automotive diesel engine that is mounted horizontally, tested over time in line with automotive demand, and proven through millions of miles in production cars.

The concept eliminates bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilizing innovative belt technology which allows for high torque transfer. The slim submerged modules provide less drag, reduce fuel consumption and increase speed.

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