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Загружаемые файлы

This is a dedicated download section where You can find all of the data sheets and technical files that are included in the RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG product portfolio which includes marine propulsion systems, marine gensets, standby and prime land application gensets, containerized and trailer type units, all of the products for the defense sector and others.

In addition - consolidated product leaflets and presentations can be found below.

In case you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact marketing@rigasdizelis.lv and/or sales@rigasdizelis.lv.

Судовые пропульсивные установки

Судовые дизельгенераторы

Подвесные двигатели

Главные и резервные дизельгенераторы

Дизельгенераторы трейлерного типа

Продукция военного назначения

Lighting Units

Mobile Workshop Repair Systems

Fuel Tanks and Refueling Systems

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